Yes, Yes I am!

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and start to wonder if we have what it takes or if we are creative enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough...we all have faced that ugly, dark little voice that whispers in our ear and plants that pesky little doubt that if we let it, it will makes us feel trapped and fenced in those negative thoughts.


chained linked fence

Are you a small business owner struggling to find ways to create more revenue to keep your business afloat? or are you a single lady trying to have fun and enjoy what you have while still being happy for everyone else seems to be getting engaged and getting married? Are you a mom that is juggling a career while taking care of your beautiful but handful little ones?

Regardless of what you are facing in your life at the moment, take a moment and please say this to yourself: I am enough!

These words might seem small but they are so powerful when we hear them and most importantly when we say them to ourselves.

Remember that regardless of what you are struggling with or what people might say to your or about you, what matters and carries weight is what you think and feel or your self.  That is what you share and project to the world and sets a standard of how you want to others to see you and how you will see others.

girls with heart shape

So take this as a little nudge from a friend and a reminder to all of us that we are all enough! Enough for anything we set our mind to and want to achieve!