Summertime Happiness

There's nothing better than bringing people together to share a good meal.  We have been working on setting more time to enjoy with the people we love and one of the things I enjoy doing is a quick cheese/fruit spread (not as beautiful at this one by @plumprettysugar) but delicious none the less.

Creating a cheese board doesn't have to take much time or effort and it always looks like a little piece of art.  If you never given it a shot, don't worry I will give some basic things you will need to include in it to make it look pretty and taste delicious.

Start with the following:

  1. CHEESE | Cheese is always a crowd pleaser. Add a mix of soft and hard cheese options.
    • Soft: goat cheese, brie, camembert.
    • Semi-firm: aged cheddar, manchego, gouda.
    • Aged: asiago, vintage gouda, parmigiano, pecorino.
    • Blue: gorgonzola, roquefort.
  2. COLD CUTS | Choose a variety of cured meats in different flavors, like prosciutto and salami.
  3. BREAD + CRACKERS | A mix of fresh bread like bagel chips, toast or artisanal crisps. and a variety of crackers are perfect for pairing with cheese or dips.
  4. FRUIT | Include a few fruit options: bunches of grapes (green, red or purple will work), sliced pears, apples or figs.  You can also include dried fruit as well, apricots are always a great option
  5. NUTS | Nuts are great to snack on. Include a nice mix by adding  walnuts, pecans, and almonds.
  6. SPREADS | Honey, jelly, and jams are always great.
  7. HERBS | Optional but they create a nice look for the board and smell great.  You can add a few sprigs of rosemary here and there.