Simplify Your Life

Life is simple!...said no one ever! Am I right? We all know by know that life is complicated and everyday comes with its own challenges.  Our daily routine, paying the rent on time, running to the grocery store, keeping on touch with family and friends, doing laundry and making sure the house is clean (or appears to be clean).  It's a juggling definitely a juggling act, but not to worry I have five tips for you that will help you feel like you are a master juggler that should be in Cirque Du Soleil! Oh bien sur!

So these tips will not make your life perfect or make everything easier but it will definitely help you to move in the right direction.  It all starts with small steps right? So what are we waiting for, let get this going!


1. Spring Clean Closet/Home

How many of us have stood before our closet and said "I have nothing to wear?" or "why can I not find my keys?".  We all have done it! So it's time to get rid of that shirt we bought but have not worn (two years later) and time to donate all those extra dishes for our dinner of 20 when there is only two of us living here! Sharing is caring!

simplifying closer.jpg

2. Unsubscribe From Emails

You know what takes up unnecessary time? Emails you don’t even remember why you are getting them. Check out this app that will help you see how many list you are subscribed to: (no more random emails all the time) it will definitely free up time!

3. Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, specially when we are busy running around! So what better and faster way to stay hydrated when you have a bottle with you at all times!


4. Plan Your Workouts

Whether you are a gym enthusiast or best friend with your couch, having a pre-planned workout routine before going to the gym, will not only motivate you to get there but it will help you to keep focus and maximize your time.

5. Listen to Podcast & Audiobooks

Are you a multi-tasker? Well here is a great way to get more than one thing done while you are busy tackling other things like commuting.  I love listening to podcast while I drive because it helps me to stay relax and to learn something on my way home.  One of the podcast I been loving lately is You're Welcome podcast by Hilary Rushford.


Please feel free to share with us any tips you have that have helped you to simplify your life! Can't wait to hear what they are!