Show Some Love

Sis and I were watching a show, each from our perspective home, since we still can’t see each other [thanks a lot covid!] This show, it was depicting stories based on what we have all dealt with in one way or another earlier this year and continue to deal with today..COVID19. 

When I first started watching I started crying and then it made me mad and just as quickly that feeling changed to compassion. Sis brought that point up, she said she hadn’t really thought about the feelings and struggles of all the first responders.

Which brought me to write this, while at first I didn’t kind understand why they would create a show based on what we are actually still struggling with and dealing with complex emotions, it made me realize that although it’s hard to be faced with actual facts, it helps to have a different perspective. To think more of others and what they are going thru and dealing with. 

I will never be able to even imagine what it must have been to be there in the front lines, dealing with so much uncertainty, stress, fear, and loss. I can show gratitude, appreciation and compassion for those that have given so much, but also to everyone else I come across with.

Something as simple as a smile or a wave acknowledging a person can mean so much. As was confirmed by "uncle Jim", who I met last time I was out on a walk around the neighborhood with a friend. He said hello, so we both replied and paused for a second as we both said hello. He said we had been the only ones that had stopped and actually talked to him and said hello. It made me feel good that we had done nice and made someone feel good but it also made me realized how important it is to show kindness and a smile, even if it is behind our mask!



So I created a list of 5 things (the list can be much longer but we all know we do better with simple steps) we can all do to show our appreciation and compassion for others.