Pretty Girl!

What most of the time would be such a sweet and endearing compliment, being called a 'pretty girl' has never been more insulting and upsetting!
Don't get me wrong, I can take a compliment and I appreciate it when they are given genuinely. It shows not only the character of the person giving it but also the appreciation and value they have towards the one receiving it. A compliment is a polite expression or praise used to boost one's moral and ideally make the recipient feel good about themselves, and who doesn't want to feel good?!
A compliment is suppose to create a sense of trust and comfortableness between two or more people. However, being given compliment as an excuse or a way out of a situation, it's just not okay and it takes away from the power that a genuine, heartfelt compliment delivers. So it got me thinking: why does someone else's words carry so much power over our own feelings, for good or bad? It made me realize how perceptive we are or can be as human beings. We are able to distinguish when something is being said in a genuine manner and when its being disguised. Sometimes that happens unintentionally and we are also able to recognize the innocence behind those actions or words. So whatever the case might be there's a lot to learn when receiving compliment, not just about ourselves but also about the person that is giving it.
Giving a compliment truly takes skill and it's an art that needs to be developed and learned over time. That includes accepting a compliment as well, because lets be honest who hasn't responded all awkwardly after given a compliment? or have down played the compliment by saying something negative about ourself? Yes we all have done that at one point or another! So just as it is important to give a genuine, heartfelt compliment at the right time, it is also important to graciously accept and take a compliment when it's given to us.
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