Plant Lover

So I have become quite the plant lover! You can never have too many plants, unless you ask my sister, but don't worry she's slowly becoming a plant lover herself! It definitely helps when I just happen to gift her a little green baby here and there and with the help of our sister-friend Ari, she's getting quite good at taking care of them and keeping them happy!

I believe there are a few reason why this has been the case: they provide clean oxygen, which I'm sure you will agree it's very important in our everyday life.  They, meaning my gorgeous green babies, make my apartment look so beautiful and cozy.  I actually like this place because of my green beauties.

If you haven't jumped on the 'plant craze' you definitely have to give it a try and if your excuse is that you don't have a green thumb, well neither do I and so far I have manage to keep all mine alive, (minus two that did not like me moving at all) happy and green.

If you need a little inspiration on indoor plants, I'm sharing with you my Indoor Garden Board to get you started and give you some ideas and perhaps 'plant' the bug in you, see what I did there..wink!

indoor garden