Hibernate or Create?

Oh winter, winter! I still haven't decided what kind of relationship we have between us. For now I will keep my status as: it's complicated!

You have to know I do really love winter and the beauty that come with its powdery white, serene feeling as you look out your window, drinking something nice and hot. My issues comes as soon as you step outside, the frigid wind that cuts thru the bone and slaps you in the face, quickly reminds me why I have this love and hate relationship.

Being a Cali girl and feeling low 60s was cold (yes I know that is ridiculous, but in all Cali's peps defense, that is cold for beautiful, sunny, forever summer Cali) Anyways, living now in the East Coast for 4 years, I can say I'm willing to work at this relationship and continue cultivating this love.

So Winter, here is my resolution: I choose to embrace the snow days and use them to create, to grow as a person and develop skills that have been long tucked away in a drawer or suppressed deep down within me because I have too many other things to do.

Winter, thank you for helping me to slow down and to 'force' myself to create and allow myself time to grow.