Corona is Here...No Not the Beer

This are definitely interesting, crazy and unpredictable times we are facing.  I mean we would of never thought we would be living in the middle of a pandemic that is affecting not just across the country but world-wide.

With this pandemic we are all facing a big change in our everyday life and we are constantly reminded to maintain a higher person hygiene for our own protection and the protection of others.

We are not going to go into details of all the statistics and all the craziness that is happening out there.  What we wanted to share with you is ways to keep your home and self clean, organized and sanitized.

cleaning producst antibacterial

Yes I know the stores are being rated and there is barely anything left, and what is left is not usually what is your usual go to when it comes to cleaning products.  Yes everyone is flocking to antibacterial items, clorox wipes and anything with alcohol, but let me tell that you can still keep your home clean with natural products that kill germs and make your home smell fantastic.

I will share my favorite brand I'm currently using at home and it's so easy because the products get delivered right to your door:

This Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Set includes:

Mrs. Meyers Spring hand soap

Mrs. Meyers Spring dish soap

Mrs. Meyers Spring multi-surface spray

Grove bubble-up

Grove walnut scrubber sponges

Free Shipping & VIP Trial

These all natural cleaning products are amazing for keeping your home clean and smelling great! Plus it’s always easier to clean your home and wash your hands when your soap smells like Basil or Geranium.
Here is a what you need to know about Grove Collaborative:
Grove Collaborative is "a recurring shipment service that delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products directly to your door? Our aim is to make living a healthy lifestyle easy and accessible for you and your family. Every product we sell is backed by the Grove standard, which means that it's healthy, effective and eco-friendly, and affordable.  You can shop with confidence knowing everything you buy from us is good for you, your family, your home, and the planet."

The Subscription Box: Grove Collaborative

The Cost: The order minimums are:

  • $10 for recurring shipments
  • $15 for "Ship Now" plans for VIP members
  • $30 for "Ship Now" plans for non-VIP members

The Products: choose many familiar brands all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products as well as the Grove Collaborative brand.  Build your own orders or purchase bundles.

Ships to: $2.99 flat shipping to the US.